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Wacom’s cheaper, 24-inch Cintiq Pro is here – plus its first desktop PC

We’ve known since the autumn that Wacom was planning to release two Cintiq Pro display tablets to replace its current 27-inch, desktop-conquering Cintiq 27QHD this spring – a more affordable 24-inch model and an epically huge 32-inch.

The formal announcement is now here – with pricing, specs and availability details – and there’s both good and bad news. The 24-inch will start shipping in March – though you’ll have to wait until May for version that supports pen and touch. And the 32-inch model has been delayed until what a Wacom press release describes as “later in the year”.

More exciting is that Wacom is launching what’s essentially it’s first desktop PC (the company has its own tablet PC, the MobileStudio Pro). The Cintiq Pro Engine is a PC that slots into the back of the Cintiq Pro 24 – and we assume the Pro 32 too when it ships – to turn it into an all-in-one PC, a laying-down iMac you can draw on, if you like. More on that after the Cintiq Pro 24 >>


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